Coach boards

SECO® Tactical boards (tablets) for the coach

Tactic is the basis of success in football. Plan out the actions of players in the field conditions is the task of a professional trainer. To solve strategic tactical issues tablet for coach from SECO® brand are needed. Professional grade inventory from a German brand is sold by its official representative in Ukraine. We offer original products on wholesale and retail terms.

The purpose of the tablet for a coach

Every footballer on the field should know his purpose in the current game situation. An experienced trainer can make a strategy, calculate the course of events and assign each player a corresponding functional role.. SECO tablet for coachallow you to visually demonstrate all coaching developments. On the board, which is a model of a football field, it is easy to show the position of the players of the two teams, to designate patterns of movement and action.

The use of a tablet or a coaching tactical board is recommended not only during the game (before the match and during the break), but also during training. This is a rational product for the planning and technical training of football players, allowing to designate everything that is needed: from the trajectory of movement of each player to the overall game situation in each specific case.

Key features of the tablet for the coach

The product is a compact tactical board with clamps for hanging on the wall. Externally, it is made in the form of a lined football field with the designation of the main zones. Product base is a magnetic metal with anti-corrosion plastic coating. An aluminum strip was used as a reinforcing frame for edging. Plastic safety plugs are installed at the corners.

When buying, keep in mind that tablet for coach price includes not only a tactical board, but also a set of yellow and red magnetic chips (12 pieces each), the referee and assistant chips, the ball, as well as a special marker with a sponge to erase it. That is, the product is already sold completely ready for professional use. Compact size allows you to carry the tablet if necessary and install it in any convenient place.

Convenient purchase of football equipment

Result of using tactical board is an excellent performance by players of planned maneuvers, creation of necessary advantageous game situations, excellent knowledge of the field and a well-coordinated team game. The tablet develops the ability of players to think correctly, making weighted and accurate tactical decisions within the framework of a common strategy.

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About the brand

Welcome to the SECO-Ukraine official website! Since 2017, the German brand of sports equipment and accessories for training is presented in Ukraine at SECO.UA.

Now you have the opportunity to buy high-quality sports training equipment with a European guarantee. Without training it is difficult to imagine modern sports, and with high-quality goods from SECO® it is easy and prestigious to train.

The production of goods is concentrated in Europe and Asia. SECO® works only with the best factories of sports equipment and inventory. All the products of the Company undergo complex tests and only the best is included in our Product Catalog for training. We provide certified products of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

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