Net for gate

SECO® nets for gates

Football nets for gates SECO® You can order from the official representative of the German sports brand in Ukraine. We sell a large range of nets with different dimensional characteristics (including different thickness of the thread). These are durable products prepared for high operational loads. They are suitable for training and games for amateur and professional teams.

Nets for gates: characteristics

You can buy nets for gates from a strong thread from 2 to 4 mm thick. Sizes allow you to choose a product for different types of gates: for football, futsal, handball. The thought-over form and type of weaving of threads guarantees safety for players. Product Benefits:

  1. The grid does not interfere with the goalkeeper during the game.
  2. Protects against the risk of hitting the ball from the back of the gates.
  3. Does not allow the ball to bounce when it hits the gate.
  4. Extinguishes the speed of the ball that broke the line of racks.
  5. Keeps properties at active operation.

SECO® nets for gates do not tear from prolonged intensive use. They are intended for operation in the conditions of the hall and on open sports grounds. Hitting the ball at high speed doesn't lead to rupture: the thickness of the thread and the method of weaving allow you to safely put out the blow. Modern synthetic thread in the product can withstand direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation, weather factors, temperature differences.

The choice of the grid for the gate

German sportswear manufacturer offers white mesh – the most versatile, corresponding to the tone of the rack and crossbars. Material properties provide physical stability of the product: the mesh does not deform from time and frequent use. It is important to remember that all positive properties will be achieved only under the condition and the correct choice of the size and degree of tension when fixing on the gate.

If the product is chosen correctly, it will provide maximum durability during use. To understand: high-quality branded mesh easily maintains a person's body weight. That is, the margin of safety is enough to withstand any of the most active game. We are offering to you кbuy nets for gates in Kyiv for high-quality training and game process. Only in this way the conditions of the game will comply with the rules, there will be no problems with fixing the heads and other unpleasant factors associated with the lack of inventory.

Easy product selection

Assess the benefits of choosing and ordering inventory on our website:

  • all products specified in the range are in stock in Ukraine;
  • selection of thread thickness in one click: 2, 3 or 4 mm;
  • the ability to select the desired cell size: 12x12 or 14x14 cm;
  • different grid parameters: from 3x2x1.5, 5x2x1.5, 7.4x2.5x1.5 m.

You can buy nets for gate Ukraine as fast as possible: choose a product with suitable characteristics and place an order. We supply exclusively branded products of guaranteed quality. We are ready to organize the shipment of purchases throughout the country. SECO® nets comes with a branded bag for easy storage and transportation. Ask questions, order support when choosing: we will always help and go forward.

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About the brand

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