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Slalom poles for training – effective training coordination of athletes

The goal of any sports workout is to work out the necessary skills, to bring them to automatism, so that it would allow the athlete to use resources efficiently during the game. To improve the effectiveness of sports activities, you need to use specialized equipment. In particular, slalom poles are necessary for training in contact sports. We sell brand inventory fromSECO. As official representatives of this brand in Ukraine, we sell their products at affordable prices.

Features of slalom poles

Slalom poles for training in complex with special bases can be installed as artificial obstacles on the field. The sole and important goal of this design is to automate dribbling skills with and without the ball. Ultimately, this will increase the maneuverability of the athlete and improve his playing qualities. This is relevant both for amateur teams and for professionals.

We also recommend buy slalom poles for children's football teams, as well as other sports sections in which children train. Ability to correctly navigate the field in a team game is irreplaceable quality. If you train with the ball, you can significantly improve the skill of it's control. Ball control is another important quality for a football player. Modern equipment can help to develop it.

Subtleties of using slalom poles

Buy slalom poles can not only football players. They will find their use in various races, competitions (including athletics), tournaments. If you use the pole for improving dribbling skills, we recommend using a different sequence of passage. You can set the elements to exactly measured distance, use any desired amount, adjust the direction of the ball. Due to the presence of the base, the pole is easy to install on any flat surface, outdoors and indoors.

Benefits of the inventory

We offer to buy training poles in Kyiv from a German manufacturer SECO,guaranteeing a large number of advantages of these products. Rate these advantages for yourself:

  • modern materials of production, ensuring long-term operation in all conditions;
  • the possibility of applying in the gym, on the football field, on the treadmill, wherever there is a flat surface;
  • versatility – slalom pole can be used for any training situation, depending on the needs and sport;
  • simple assembly and disassembly: it takes a couple of seconds to connect pole with the base. The reverse process is just as fast;
  • light weight and compactness – products are easy to carry in the bag. There is enough minimal storage space;
  • safety – sports equipment doesn't cause injuries in a collision. Soft and elastic material doesn't break from external influence.

In this section of our site you can purchase not only slalom poles, but also separately buy bases and gymnastic sticks. Pick up the equipment with the characteristics you need and organize sports activities at a professional level.

Simple selection, convenient shopping

We offer you to buy poles for training Ukraine from the official representative of the brand SECO. The European manufacturer of sporting goods is known for its high-quality and affordable products. All products listed on the site are in our warehouse: you don't have to wait for delivery. Order any quantity, and we will provide a complete set, as well as shipment around the country in the shortest possible time. We work with retail and wholesale customers. Ready to help with the selection and provide expert advice.

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About the brand

Welcome to the SECO-Ukraine official website! Since 2017, the German brand of sports equipment and accessories for training is presented in Ukraine at SECO.UA.

Now you have the opportunity to buy high-quality sports training equipment with a European guarantee. Without training it is difficult to imagine modern sports, and with high-quality goods from SECO® it is easy and prestigious to train.

The production of goods is concentrated in Europe and Asia. SECO® works only with the best factories of sports equipment and inventory. All the products of the Company undergo complex tests and only the best is included in our Product Catalog for training. We provide certified products of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

SECO® represents sports training equipment, accessories and equipment for football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, jogging and other sports wholesale and retail. The most popular products among buyers are: training chips for marking up the field, cones for training, sports coordination ladders, training rings, field racks, training cones, kick reflectors for football (rebonders), training vests, football mannequins for working out penalty shots, training gates for football, grids for the football gates and other sports equipment and accessories.

You can purchase our products from any SECO® sales representative in Ukraine. Now you don't need to wait for a long delivery of goods from Europe, since all the products are in stock in Ukraine, Kiev in the required quantity.