Football balls

SECO® soccer balls: affordable professional quality

As representatives of the sports brand SECO® in Ukraine, we offer branded football balls to buy for professional and amateur games. This must-have item must be of high quality, meet standards and withstand heavy loads. We sell such balls to customers of all categories. Each ball is created in modern production conditions..

Types of soccer balls

The choice of options is large, so decide in advance what soccer balls you want to buy and how you plan to use them. SECO® offers such product options in accordance with the international classification:

  1. Professional. Created by standards of FIFA. Ready to use on any type of coating (artificial or natural lawn), in all weather conditions. These are certified products: the document confirms the quality and compliance with the standards. We reccomend to buy football balls Kiev for training and playing teams of professional level. The price category for such products is the highest.
  2. Match. The best in terms of strength, prepared for maximum loads. They adhere well to the field coverage during the game. By name it is not difficult to guess that these products are suitable for use in the game process..
  3. Training. They have a laminated outer layer that provides water repellency. Thus, they are suitable for all types of coatings, they can be intensively exploited in all weather conditions. Such balls is the most common. They are often bought for games and training amateur level.

The brand also offers futsal balls: they have a smaller diameter and a smaller rebound index. Production is intended for use in the conditions of mini-fields of gyms.

Choosing and buying the soccer ball

You can SECO® balls buy in bulk for further retail sale or for the needs of the team. Purchase branded balls is a competent decision, as in this case the guarantee is given and you can be sure of the reliability of the product. The German brand creates products that embody professional quality and affordable price. Balls meet the following criteria:

  • a variety of typical sizes: unit, double and triple – for kids football, fourth size – for futsal and fifth – for adult football;
  • synthetic upper layer: stable, reliable and at the same time inexpensive;
  • tough but not hard lining, high-quality machine seam;
  • reliable butyl chamber with long-term preservation of air.

Buy SECO® football ball you can directly through the site: choose the appropriate product option, place a wholesale or retail order with delivery in Ukraine. Products from the German company are known in many countries around the world due to high quality and availability. Buying balls from an official representative, you get guaranteed quality. All models are available: delivery does not take much time.

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About the brand

Welcome to the SECO-Ukraine official website! Since 2017, the German brand of sports equipment and accessories for training is presented in Ukraine at SECO.UA.

Now you have the opportunity to buy high-quality sports training equipment with a European guarantee. Without training it is difficult to imagine modern sports, and with high-quality goods from SECO® it is easy and prestigious to train.

The production of goods is concentrated in Europe and Asia. SECO® works only with the best factories of sports equipment and inventory. All the products of the Company undergo complex tests and only the best is included in our Product Catalog for training. We provide certified products of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

SECO® represents sports training equipment, accessories and equipment for football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, jogging and other sports wholesale and retail. The most popular products among buyers are: training chips for marking up the field, cones for training, sports coordination ladders, training rings, field racks, training cones, kick reflectors for football (rebonders), training vests, football mannequins for working out penalty shots, training gates for football, grids for the football gates and other sports equipment and accessories.

You can purchase our products from any SECO® sales representative in Ukraine. Now you don't need to wait for a long delivery of goods from Europe, since all the products are in stock in Ukraine, Kiev in the required quantity.