Football gate

Dismountable SECO® football gates is a reliable and convenient constructions

Gates is a mandatory attribute of a football field of any level. Now you can football gates buy from SECO® brand and fully equip the children's field, futsal, school stadium, other options for areas designed for training and games. Our company is the official representative of the German sports manufacturer in Ukraine. Therefore, we profitably sell branded products, cooperate with wholesale buyers and teams, sell goods at retail.

Types of football gates

Main match gates is a large massive structures, capitally installed in stadiums. They are suitable for full-fledged football fields. We offer football gates of folding type: compact, lightweight construction. They can be installed as required conditions for training or playing. This option is ideal for places where other games and sports are conducted, and the main gate will interfere there.

The option of portable collapsible constructions is the most optimal: they are an order of magnitude more reliable than inflatable ones. They are suitable for playing games – including within the relevant leagues and championships. If they are not needed, they can be disassembled: parts separately can be easily stored in any accessible place in a small area. We offer buy football gates Kiev of the following sizes:

  • 120х80х55 см – compact constructions, suitable for children's football training;
  • 150х110х60 – lightweight mobile products suitable for youth training, matches;
  • 180х120х60 – gates that can be installed on youth training and games in football, futsal, handball.

Features of dismountable portable gates for football

We offers SECO® gates buy – reliable products that meet international standards. The design of the attribute is the most reliable and durable: the product can withstand a direct hit by the ball without any problems, without moving. Each model of the gate is necessarily equipped with a 2-mm nylon thread mesh with a mesh size of 12x12 cm..

Reliable material of the gate allows you to use them in conditions of gyms, indoor and outdoor sports grounds. Moisture resistant coating allows you to continue training or just leave the gate on the street, even during precipitation.

We deliver the gate in a disassembled form: the complete set includes fasteners, a grid, as well as special clamps for installation of structures on the ground. The assembly does not take much time: it takes 2-3 minutes to bolt together several elements and tension the mesh.

Buy SECO® football gates from the official supplier: all the models listed on the website are in stock in Ukraine, so the delivery will not take long. We have the best prices for original products of the German brand and the best conditions for retail and wholesale orders. Contact us with questions: we will give qualified answers and advice. We are ready to provide the necessary attributes for teams of any level.

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About the brand

Welcome to the SECO-Ukraine official website! Since 2017, the German brand of sports equipment and accessories for training is presented in Ukraine at SECO.UA.

Now you have the opportunity to buy high-quality sports training equipment with a European guarantee. Without training it is difficult to imagine modern sports, and with high-quality goods from SECO® it is easy and prestigious to train.

The production of goods is concentrated in Europe and Asia. SECO® works only with the best factories of sports equipment and inventory. All the products of the Company undergo complex tests and only the best is included in our Product Catalog for training. We provide certified products of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

SECO® represents sports training equipment, accessories and equipment for football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, jogging and other sports wholesale and retail. The most popular products among buyers are: training chips for marking up the field, cones for training, sports coordination ladders, training rings, field racks, training cones, kick reflectors for football (rebonders), training vests, football mannequins for working out penalty shots, training gates for football, grids for the football gates and other sports equipment and accessories.

You can purchase our products from any SECO® sales representative in Ukraine. Now you don't need to wait for a long delivery of goods from Europe, since all the products are in stock in Ukraine, Kiev in the required quantity.