Barriers for running

SECO® running barriers: safety and training efficiency

For footballers – beginners and professionals – it is important to master the technique of overcoming obstacles. The best solution for this is hurdling. It is also needed for practicing skills in other team games, as well as for athletes. To organize the correct and high-quality training, you needto buy running barrier on our website. We are the official representatives of the brand.SECO® in Ukraine.

Key advantage of running barriers

What is a running barrier? This is a lightweight mobile design, painted in a bright noticeable color. It is not traumatic, therefore it is also suitable for children and beginner athletes. We give the opportunity to buy a running barrier with the desired height. There are folding and stationary models that allow you to organize workouts in the gym or in the field. Complexes of exercises for practicing the correct amplitude of movements of a football player most often consist of ordinary jumps, in which special emphasis should be placed on the correct pushes and touchdowns.

Materials and general characteristics

We offer to buy a running barrier Kyiv, made of durable plastic and painted in a bright color. This makes the structure safe, well visible, light and at the same time durable. Barriers, if necessary, can be placed and removed in just a couple of minutes. They are easy to store: they are quite compact, and collapsible options require a minimum of space.

The available children's training barrier is characterized by a special profile shape: thanks to this, it is fairly stable, but it doesn’t cause any painful sensations in case of an accidental impact and certainly does not provoke injury. It will simply tip or fold..

Features of training with barriers

Comfortabletranning barrier from SECO® can be used for training with different purposes. Obstacle run – is the effective part of the warm-up complex and the addition of any training in team sports. For reducing or increasing the complexity of training can be used barriers of different heights. What skills can be worked out by running or jumping over these obstacles:

  • general development of leg muscles;
  • speed increasing;
  • improving of endurance, flexibility and coordination;
  • increase the height of the knee while running;
  • optimization of maneuverability;
  • general stabilization of movement techniques.

Speaking specifically about football, barrier obstacles will help bring the jumping technique to automatism and overcome obstacles without problems and injuries – even during high-speed movements across the field.

Barriers are indispensable in crossfit training. They are used in the general complex for practicing rhythm and dynamics of movements, development of endurance at speed. For this purpose, the elements are used in training in the martial arts. In general, it is difficult to find a game sport in which you would not need to work out the accuracy of movements and the correctness of jumps.

Easy choice, convenient purchase

We offer to buy SECO® training barrier for the organization of sports activities with children and adult athletes. If you use them as part of a separate workout, we recommend alternating approaches with rest periods and changing the frequency of footwork with each approach. To increase the effectiveness of classes, use elements of different heights.

SECO® – is a famous German brand specializing in the production of accessories and equipment for football, as well as other sports. As its official representatives, we offer our clients products for sports of European quality. This is not only prestige, but also a guarantee of safety, reliability, and effectiveness of training.

You can brand SECO®barrier buy directly on the website of the official representative in Ukraine: choose the passing inventory, place an order, and we will ensure its delivery. We offer fast service and warranty, we work with retail and wholesale customers. You can buy any necessary number of barriers: they are available in our warehouse, and you do not have to wait for delivery from Europe.

About the brand

Welcome to the SECO-Ukraine official website! Since 2017, the German brand of sports equipment and accessories for training is presented in Ukraine at SECO.UA.

Now you have the opportunity to buy high-quality sports training equipment with a European guarantee. Without training it is difficult to imagine modern sports, and with high-quality goods from SECO® it is easy and prestigious to train.

The production of goods is concentrated in Europe and Asia. SECO® works only with the best factories of sports equipment and inventory. All the products of the Company undergo complex tests and only the best is included in our Product Catalog for training. We provide certified products of the highest quality at a very competitive price.

SECO® represents sports training equipment, accessories and equipment for football, volleyball, basketball, rugby, tennis, jogging and other sports wholesale and retail. The most popular products among buyers are: training chips for marking up the field, cones for training, sports coordination ladders, training rings, field racks, training cones, kick reflectors for football (rebonders), training vests, football mannequins for working out penalty shots, training gates for football, grids for the football gates and other sports equipment and accessories.

You can purchase our products from any SECO® sales representative in Ukraine. Now you don't need to wait for a long delivery of goods from Europe, since all the products are in stock in Ukraine, Kiev in the required quantity.